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About our company

Mike's Pipes is a local Warren Michigan based company that believes in keeping Michigan business in Michigan.  We have an incredible team of plumbing experts who are trustworthy and offer years of experience.  We do not have the huge overhead like the big national Rooter companies and we are not in this to make millions of dollars either.  We charge good honest fair prices to our customers so they feel that they received a good value and at the same time make enough money to support our own families.

We do not spend mega bucks on yellow page, billboard, newspaper, or television advertising because we believe if we take good enough care of each one of our customers, they do the advertising for us.  And so far our theory has proven itself over and over again.  We know that when a customer calls for a plumber, they usually are in the middle of crisis and need results immediately.  Most companies use this as a chance to charge extremely high prices because they know the consumer is in a bind and desperate.  Not at Mike's Pipes.  We use this opportunity to show our clients how great we truly are by not trying to price gouge them, but rather be their best friend.  It is not unusual for us to get hugs by homeowners after we finish our work.  We are fast and we do excellent work in a timely fashion at a fraction of the cost of some of the big names you see on TV.  We save your house, and we save you money.  

Give us a call- ask for Mike.  See why we were voted best local pluming company in 2012 for Metro Detroit. 

​ Call Now (586) 362-0734

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